• GLMV 401K Program Member Benefit

    Offer Valid: 01/31/2021 - 12/31/2023

    GLMV Chamber of Commerce  announces a new partnership with Transamerica and Northwestern Mutual, to launch a leading edge 401(k) aggregate program that can be a huge benefit to your company.
    “We are pleased to offer this retirement plan program as a new valuable member benefit,” said GLMV President Scott Adams. “This unique pool plan arrangement is now available to our chamber of commerce as a comprehensive outsourced 401k solution." 
    The Retirement Plan EXCHANGE®  targets small and mid-size businesses that either do not currently offer a retirement plan or seeks to improve efficiencies with an existing plan.
    A wide range of cost-effective retirement management solutions handled by the Exchange include administrative offload, simplified payroll contribution processing, loan and distribution support, time savings, fiduciary risk management and more.
    Members of the plan have access to numerous experts such as a plan administrator, recordkeeper, financial advisory, third party administrator, investment manager and an auditor, among others.

     By joining the GLMV 401(k) Plan, members are able to provide a powerful retirement plan, help save money, spend less time administering it, stay competitive in the marketplace, recruit and retain top talent, and focus on their business growth.
    To learn more or get started, please see attached documents and/or contact:
    Steven Kopala, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
    Ph: (847) 573-6826
    GLMV Chamber Presentation
    Transamerica Fiduciary Plus
    Transamerica Pricing Sheet

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