• Where's The Promoman? Contest

    Offer Valid: 05/01/2021 - 12/31/2021

    This contest is specifically designed to bring customers and prospects into your business!!
    We have many PromoMan stress items to distribute to businesses in Lake County, which would be displayed in your business (restaurant, retailers, car dealers, banks, bakeries, etc…).  Regardless of the type of business you operate, our goal is to get people to visit your business.  And, while they are there, they will (hopefully) make a purchase of goods, food or services, and/or become familiar with the good or services that your business offers.
    We are publishing a list of all the participating businesses on our WHERE’S THE PROMOMAN? facebook page.  We are now promoting a “Where’s the PromoMan?” contest, in order to get prospective customers to come to your businesses, take a picture of the PromoMan, post the picture, and tag your business on our WHERE’S THE PROMOMAN? facebook page. 

    Each month, we will have a drawing from all the people that entered the contest, and that person drawn will win gift cards/prizes provided by the businesses participating.  The only cost to the businesses to participate in the program is a gift card or certificate for their business (or from some other local business if the business doesn’t have their own gift card or certificate), which will be used as the prizes.  As long as the contest is popular, it can continue indefinitely.
    Contestants must be at least 21 years old, and are asked to comply with each business’s safety and masking protocols.
    If your business would like to participate in the “WHERE’S THE PROMOMAN?” contest, please contact Ray Billock (Perfect Promotions) at 847-672-7666 or Ray@PromoMan.net to sign up.  We will deliver the stress ball and pick up the gift card/prize at the same time.
    Ray Billock, President
    Perfect Promotions

    This Hot Deal is promoted by GLMV Chamber of Commerce.