• We just launched our latest Un-carrier move –?#5GforAll.

    Offer Valid: 04/03/2021 - 12/31/2021

    And true to this Un-carrier move’s name, we’re helping to upgrade EVERYONE in America to 5G so that they can experience the speed and capacity unleashed by our 5G network.  Because what good is having the nation’s largest, fastest, and most available 5G network if we’re not helping everyone access it as soon as possible!?   


    So, as part of today’s announcement we’re launching two BIG initiatives to help ensure everyone has access to both a 5G phone and truly unlimited 5G.  First, we’re ushering in the Great FREE 5G Phone Upgrade, which gives everyone – new and existing customers – the latest Samsung Galaxy FOR FREE when they trade in a working phone, no matter how old.  Because as we all know, unless you have a 5G phone, you can’t see how far ahead T-Mobile is in the 5G race!!  And we’ve got iPhone fans covered too.  Most trade-ins will get half off an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 11 trade-in will get a FREE iPhone 12!    


    But it’s not just the PHONES that are holding America back from 5G, it’s also the PLANS!  Did you know?  More than 60 million AT&T and Verizon customers are stuck on those old limited and shared data plans, many with no or only partial 5G access – all because they don’t want to be price gouged by the carriers.  So, we’re solving that one too.  Today, we’re introducing the Great UNLIMITED Trade-Up – giving every one of them the opportunity to switch to T-Mobile and receive an unlimited 5G plan at the same (or better) price.  Unlimited – AND FULL access to our entire 5G network, including Ultra Capacity 5G, without paying more.  We’re also applying the Great Unlimited Trade-Up to Sprint and T-Mobile customers who may still be on limited plans as well – all at no extra charge. Because of course we are.  


    Home Internet is HERE! 

    But that’s not all… today we announced a HUGE milestone in the HISTORY of our company, with the 5G launch of T-Mobile Home Internet.  With more than 30 million households eligible on DAY ONE, we’re already one of the largest ISPs in the country by service area.  And 10 million of those households are in rural areas and smaller towns.  We have an opportunity to introduce consumers to a new era of connectivity, and we plan to do it the Un-carrier way.  Home Internet is a big part of our future.  


    And importantly, we’re leveraging the scale and coverage of our network – which covers 1.45 million square miles across rural America – to ensure that 5G for All also means 5G for Small Towns.  That’s right, we can finally bring REAL choice, competition, and connectivity to Small Town America, which has been overlooked and underserved for far too long now.  This is how we make an impact that matters, using our 5G network for good to help EVERYONE transition to 5G without leaving ANYONE behind.   


    And to further our commitment to these small towns and rural communities that we can now reach, we also announced a series of new initiatives to expand our retail presencewith more than 600 stores, recruit 2,500 Hometown Experts – individuals dedicated to assisting communities too small to support a full retail store – and fund restoration projects through T-Mobile Hometown Grants.  We’re here to stay, and we’re investing in these communities to help them thrive and grow in the 5G era. 




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