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    Invite Thomas Group to your Office for a Complimentary On Site Consultation
    Worry Free IT Protection
    Until the end of May, Thomas Group is training our newest recruits. We hire local college students with an eagerness to work, learn and pay off their student loans.

    We are offerring Chamber Members a complimentary on-site assessment of their cyber security protections, an assessment of their PC's status and application of all missing MS or OS upgrades/patches.

    Our technicians are also ready to train your staff on Password storage and memory. We all neglect password maintenance - take this opportunity to get your passwords cleaned up before summer vacations. MIssing one password while a key person is on vacation has shut down businesses for a day. Let our technicians give you practical ideas on sharing some passwords securely and without disclosing the actual password.

    Call Thomas to schedule your visit today.

    Thomas Gottfreid



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    phone: (847) 530-9105
    website: Thomas Guard
    Offer Valid: May 12, 2019May 31, 2019
    GLMV Chamber of Commerce