• Call to post ‘2021 remote and in-person jobs/internships’ for our High School Students - D128 campaign

    Hello Employers in GLMV chamber district,
    We are looking forward to your participation in the 4th year of jobs/internship posting drive.  Our D128 Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools are looking forward to supporting you by sharing your job postings with our students.
    Fill this quick form (click here).
    FYI, in the last 4 years, in total we had more than 100 job postings from you all, with more than 50% of internships from Industrial, Technical, Not-for-profit, and Healthcare!
    For your reference, the list of current jobs posted are here:-   https://sites.google.com/d128.org/vhcrcfyi/jobinternshipvolunteer-opportunities  

    Types of jobs/internships:

    1. In-person work (This is something most businesses are all familiar with.)
    2. Remote work (Here are some example project ideas to consider.) 
    • Prepare for the future:
      • Website development
      • Develop marketing material
      • Build social media presence
      • Brain storm with panel of Students
      • Artwork, Drawings, etc.,
    • Work on Back-office activities that you had put off in the past:
      • Compile and organize customer data, or inventory data, etc.,
      • Clean up various data located in spreadsheets and other electronic methods
    • Immediate marketing activities:
      • “Thank you note” campaigns to customers and prospects
      • Execute marketing campaigns
    • Hopefully, this will trigger more new ideas for additional projects.
    Looking forward to both your ‘in-person’ and ‘remote’ job/internship postings.
    Thank you!
    Becki Bellito & Amy Belstra
    District 128 College & Career Counselors
    847-932-2166 | http://www. d128.org/vhhs/students/ student-services/crc 

    Anand Setty
    Trustee, D128 Foundation for Learning