During a difficult economic time, the Village has brought back the Libertyville Rewards program to support and promote local businesses community-wide.  Purchasers and lessees of new vehicles in Libertyville reap rewards as part of the Libertyville Rewards program. 

    Buy or lease a new vehicle at any of twelve Libertyville dealerships and receive certificates from the Village of Libertyville, usable towards goods and services at participating Libertyville businesses while supplies last.  Libertyville residents will receive $200 in certificates and non-residents $100 in certificates. 
    Additionally, for each benefiting customer the dealerships will donate $100 towards local charities that are responding to community members in need. 

    The program is intended to encourage people to make Libertyville their car buying destination and to thank them for shopping in Libertyville, while promoting and supporting the many great retailers throughout the Village.  The program will kick-off on October 1st and dealership customers will be eligible for certificates throughout the month.

    According to Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler, “Vehicle related businesses are crucial to our local economy through their sales taxes, employment, connections to other local business, and their ongoing support of community events and organizations.  We are happy to be able to reward customers for shopping Libertyville’s Mile of Cars and to extend the purchasing power of the Rewards certificates throughout the community.” 
    Auto related businesses represent approximately 60% of all sales tax receipts received by the Village, taxes which support needed services and facilities, including parks, fire and police protection. These businesses also provide employment to nearly 800 people.  Their community support extends far beyond taxes and provision of jobs to sponsorship of the Village’s Independence Day fireworks and various organizations.  A map of the dealerships can be found at www.Libertyville.com/MileofCars.
    The first 30 customers purchasing or leasing a new vehicle at each of 12 Libertyville dealerships between October 1st-31st, 2020 are eligible for Libertyville Rewards certificates.  In early November, the Village will mail certificates to these customers for their use before February 28, 2021.  A list of participating businesses accepting the Rewards will be mailed to certificate holders and will be posted on the Village’s program website in mid-November (www.Libertyville.com/Rewards).  Participating businesses may display a sign in their store window indicating they accept Rewards certificates.
    Glenn Bockwinkel, GM of Libertyville Lincoln and Mile of Cars representative, is a program supporter. “The dealerships on Libertyville’s Mile of Cars are thrilled to partner with the Village on this program.  It’s exciting to be able to reward customers for their local support and to extend the benefit to residents and businesses throughout the community.”
    The Libertyville Rewards certificates are a part of the Shop 60048 effort, a program intended to strengthen Libertyville businesses through encouraging area residents to shop locally and educating them about local business offerings. When people shop locally, it does help add to local sales tax revenues which support Village services, but more importantly, it strengthens local businesses and provides employment opportunities.
    About the Village of Libertyville – The Village of Libertyville is a north suburban Chicago community of nearly 22,000 residents and over 900 businesses, including 25 retail centers, almost 100 restaurants and a historic downtown.  www.VisitLibertyville.com 
    About the Libertyville Mile of Cars – The Libertyville Mile of Cars is comprised of twelve Libertyville dealerships, representing 18 new vehicle brands, as well as a large selection of used vehicles. 
    CONTACTS:  Mayor Terry Weppler, (847) 918-2028; Glenn Bockwinkel, Libertyville Mile of Cars, Libertyville Lincoln, (847) 431-3060; Kelly Amidei, Village Administrator, (847) 918-2027; Heather Rowe, Economic Development Coordinator, (847) 918-2000