• Sunrise Rotary donated $85,000 in grants

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     Sunrise Rotary donated $85,000 in grants this past June (which ends our fiscal year).   There is a list of the local charities we awarded the grants.  See Daily Herald Article links above.
     This past year our club has donated over $170,000 to charities/projects.  The amount in the Herald was our year ending gift giving.  Other donations went to our local Food Pantry, to three overseas projects (International-money grows 10-fold with matching Rotary International), polio eradication, ShelterBox USA,  Misericordia, and more. 
    If it was not for sponsors and supporters such as yourself, it would have been less.  So, thank you again for sponsoring and supporting our fundraising activities.  
     We will be hosting events this fall and next spring to raise funds to give away.  By the way, we give 100% of all the funds we raised.  There are no overhead charges on the money we raise.
    Find more information about us at our web page or at Facebook.
     Thank you   
     Douglas Fendon
    Libertyville Sunrise Rotary