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    GLMV proudly supports local business. Doing business in our community supports and strengthens the area economy with jobs, competition, entrepreneurship and product diversity. Look for the GLMV Decal and shop Chamber members first. Go local! 

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  • Green Oaks, Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills (GLMV) Chamber of Commerce

    ...Mark Your Calendar...
    GLMV is the place to be in '23
    Watch for details and check the calendar for additional events:
    • 1st/3rd Fridays, 8-9 am C4S FREE Network Group, Holiday Inn Express - VH. Chair Todd Renihan Allstate Financial; Coffee: Kevin Kane, Hansa Coffee; Donuts: Comcast Business Services . 
    • 1st Wednesday, 11:30 - 1 pm Business/Marketing Roundtable, Mickey Finn's - Libertyville 
    • May 18, 11:30 - 1 :30 pm GLMV Mayor's Luncheon - Cafe Pomigliano
    • July 13, 8-4 pm GLMV Golf Outing, White Deer Run - Vernon Hills

    Welcome to our GLMV Website! You'll find much valuable information here, including our member business directory, calendar of events and more! 
    This message also recognizes our amazing GLMV Chamber members who are the voice of our local business community. 
    We applaud your contributions to maintain the vibrancy of our local economy, and encourage all to engage, inspire, get involved in your community. 
    Of course, make sure to shop and support your fellow chamber members for all your products, services and resources. 
    GLMV is a champion of business and strong communities, and offers support, resources and outreach for businesses 
    of all types and sizes. Not yet a member? Get involved and join us today! 
    GLMV President Scott Adams
    GLMV Chair April Koot, ServiceMaster Brands
    GLMV Chamber of Commerce
    Please check website calendar for Chamber happenings.
    For Member programs listed on our calendar, please contact specific host for additional information. Thank You!
  • Libertyville Days - June 15 - 18, 2023  | Dog Days of Summer - July 7-9, 2023 | Festival of the Arts - August 5-6, 2023 | Oktoberfest - Sept. 22-23, 2023



    Career & Technical Education at Fremont Middle School

    Fremont Middle School in Mundelein is developing a Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. The goal is to offer our learners the opportunity to explore career pathways as they prepare for high school and beyond. As a part of the CTE program, we are looking for individuals and businesses to share their experiences in a variety of career pathways. Our intent is to have our Fremont School community connect with the local community by creating virtual or in-person collaboration opportunities, inviting speakers in and/or arranging visits to local businesses. If you would be interested in sharing your expertise, please complete this survey. Please understand that you are not committing to anything at this time — we are simply looking to create a database of possible opportunities. This link gives descriptors of careers falling under each cluster Career Pathways. Thank you for considering being a part of the educational journey of our learners. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w1hhXW1vokHDbqtrMaP3uOPFia-kn_H7QBAkXxpnjCQ/edit?usp=sharing

    11th Annual Spring Multi Chamber FREE Extreme Block Party EXPO & Taste of the Towns - Doubletree Hotel - Mundelein Wrap Up

    We recently gathered for the 11th Annual Extreme Block Party and Taste of the Towns, the largest local free family EXPO at Doubletree. Show features included Shop Local Vendors, all business types and sizes, home improvement, health and wellness, financial, retail, organizations and many more, all inside under 1 roof Dave Dinaso's Famous Traveling World of Reptile Show Free Food/Beverage Samples Provided By Favorite Local Eateries, including Singh’s Kitchen, Crazy For Pizza, LaMera Mera Taquira, Tighthead Brewery, Feather Glass Wine & Eatery, Harbor Kitchen & Tap, Kona Ice Truck, Bibibop Asian Grill, Slyce Coal Fire Pizza, and others., Kirk Players Performance, School of Rock • Giveaways, Show Specials, Product Demos, Vendor Raffles. EXPO Sponsors: GLMV Chamber of Commerce; and other chambers, GLCU, Sam's Club, Club Pilates Libertyville, Libertyville Bank & Trust, Mundelein Community Bank, Vernon Hill’s Bank & Trust, RelyLocal - Libertyville, Doubletree Hotel - Mundelein, Daily Herald, and others. Thanks to all for support.






    Chicago Tribune News 

    1. DAILY HERALD - Entertainment helps draw a crowd to chamber of commerce expo READ MORE 

      April 13, GLMV Annual Membership/Recognition Gala "Magic Is In The Air" at Butterfield Studios/The Horvath Group - Vernon Hills

      The area's most influential business professionals gathered at the GLMV Membership Recognition Gala, April 13 at GLMV Gold Member Butterfield Studios/The Horvath Group - Vernon Hills, for a most memorable and magical evening. The 3-hour packed after hours included Registration/Networking, Food/Beverage by local favorite eateries (Harbor Kitchen & Tap, Feather Glass Wine Bar & Eatery, Singh's Kitchen, LaMeraMera Taqueria and others) plus leadership introductions, recognitions, awards, entertainment, smart mirror photo booth, raffles, networking, camaraderie, social, VIP photos, fun and more. Event Sponsor: GLCU Blue Sponsors: Wintrust Banks, Ace Hardware - Libertyville. President Level Sponsors: Wintrust, Singh's Kitchen, The Temporary at American Place; Doubletree Hotel - Mundelein, Daily Herald. For additional photos: GLMV FB (Scroll down for photo blurbs) https://www.facebook.com/glmv.chamber











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  • Discover the GLMV

    Whether working, living or visiting the GLMV area, your Chamber can help enrich your experience. Businesses, residents and visitors alike will find our four vibrant villages among the best to live, work, shop, and enjoy year round. All businesses are invited to join the Chamber. Seeking a product, service or resource? Visit the Business Directory to find Chamber members who can help meet your needs or call us at 847-680-0750 and we will gladly provide a referral.


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  • Looking to gain a competitive edge with your workforce? GLMV is offering a valuable member benefit, a 401K program, that will work for businesses of all types and sizes. Learn More