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    GLMV proudly supports local business. Doing business in our community supports and strengthens the area economy with jobs, competition, entrepreneurship and product diversity. Look for the GLMV Decal and shop Chamber members first. Go local! 

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  • Green Oaks, Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills (GLMV) Chamber of Commerce

    ...Mark Your Calendar...
    Check the calendar for all events:
    • 1st/3rd Fridays, 8-9 am C4S FREE Network Group, Holiday Inn Express - VH. Chair Todd Renihan Allstate Financial; Hansa Coffee and Donuts compliments Singh's Kitchen, Comfort Inn & Suites Mundelein; and others. 
    • 1st Wednesday (no July or August meeting), 11:30 - 1 pm Business/Marketing Roundtable, Mickey Finn's - Libertyville. (No July/Aug. meeting)
    • 4th Monday's , 5-8 pm Bingo/Trivia- Tighthead Brewery - Mundelein

    Welcome to our GLMV Website! You'll find much valuable information here, including our member business directory, calendar of events and more! 
    This message also recognizes our amazing GLMV Chamber members who are the voice of our local business community. 
    We applaud your contributions to maintain the vibrancy of our local economy, and encourage all to engage, inspire, get involved in your community. 
    Of course, make sure to shop and support your fellow chamber members for all your products, services and resources. 
    GLMV is a champion of business and strong communities, and offers support, resources and outreach for businesses 
    of all types and sizes. Not yet a member? Get involved and join us today! 
    GLMV President Scott Adams
    GLMV Chair April Koot, ServiceMaster Brands
    GLMV Chamber of Commerce
    Please check website calendar for Chamber happenings.
    For Member programs listed on our calendar, please contact specific host for additional information. Thank You!

    HI Friends,
    Wishing all a joyous July 4th Holiday Weekend -- a time when fireworks burst in the night sky, backyard BBQs abound, friends and family share stories, maybe hit the beach, summer spirit and sparklers fill the air, and we gather to celebrate and honor our country. Of course, be sure to shop local for all your holiday items. Enjoy!
    Please Note: GLMV Offices will be closed July 4th and 5th.
    GLMV Board of Directors will not meet in July
    GLMV Marketing Roundtable will not meet July/August
    GLMV C4S will not meet July 5. Next meeting is July 19.
    Please check the website calendar for full event listings.
    As always, bravo to our valued members for your support and participation, as we continue to embrace community for a star-studded chamber. Here are some exciting happenings, you won't want to miss:
    ~ Scott, Carol, Vera ~


  • Tee Off With GLMV Golf Outing July 11 White Deer Run -VH Tee Off With GLMV Golf Outing July 11 White Deer Run -VH

    Your Ultimate Day of Golf/Networking/Food/Beverages/Fun
  • Golf Outing Sold Out for Golfers/Hole Sponsors

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  • Discover the GLMV

    Whether working, living or visiting the GLMV area, your Chamber can help enrich your experience. Businesses, residents and visitors alike will find our four vibrant villages among the best to live, work, shop, and enjoy year round. All businesses are invited to join the Chamber. Seeking a product, service or resource? Visit the Business Directory to find Chamber members who can help meet your needs or call us at 847-680-0750 and we will gladly provide a referral.


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