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    GLMV proudly supports local business. Doing business in our community supports and strengthens the area economy with jobs, competition, entrepreneurship and product diversity. Look for the GLMV Decal and shop Chamber members first. Go local! 

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  • Green Oaks, Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills (GLMV) Chamber: Your Voice Of Local Business

    Just a brief message to recognize our amazing GLMV Chamber members who are leading the business community during this unprecedented 
    and challenging time. As Chamber members, you are on the front lines of what the future will mean for local business. 
    We applaud your strength and resiliance to maintain the vibrancy of our business community. 
    Your GLMV continues to be involved with local, county, state and federal leaders to help support our businesses.  
    Of course, make sure to shop and support your fellow members for all your products, services and resources. 
    While we all adapt to doing business a little differently, we encourage all to keep going, be proactive, and keep advocating for what's most important. 
    GLMV is a champion of business and strong communities, and will continue to provide support, resources and outreach as we move ahead.
    Stay safe,
    GLMV President Scott Adams
    GLMV Chairman Steve Kopala, Northwestern Mutual
    GLMV Chamber of Commerce
    Please Note: The Chamber is open and operational, please check with us for availability and resources.
    Please check website calendar and watch your emails for updates on Chamber events.
    For Member programs listed on our calendar, please contact specific host for additional information.

    Looking to gain a competitive edge with your workforce? GLMV is offering a new member benefit, a 401K program, that will work for businesses of all types and sizes. Click Here to Learn More or Call 847-680-0750 or info@glmvchamber.org 


    Recording  Facebook Live


    Recording    Facebook Live

  • Assistance - Utilities & More

    ComEd offers utility payment assistance through the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) as well as the Illinois Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP). LIHEAP benefits are available from September through May, while PIPP support is available all year. Applications for LIHEAP and PIPP may be submitted online, by phone or in person through our Lake County Administering Agency – Community Action Partnership of Lake County. Visit the www.CapLakeCounty.org website for information on these energy relief options as well as a variety of other support programs. Information is also available from the LIHEAPIllinois.com website. Also consider visiting 211 Lake County (211LakeCounty.org) to learn more about a variety of support options.

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  • Discover the GLMV

    Whether working, living or visiting the GLMV area, your Chamber can help enrich your experience. Businesses, residents and visitors alike will find our four vibrant villages among the best to live, work, shop, and enjoy year round. All businesses are invited to join the Chamber. Seeking a product, service or resource? Visit the Business Directory to find Chamber members who can help meet your needs or call us at 847-680-0750 and we will gladly provide a referral.


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