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    About Us

    BHFX Color, a division of BHFX Imaging, has produced beautiful for work Fortune 500 Companies, retail firms, non-profit organizations, local companies and organizations as well as numerous architectural and construction firms in the Chicago area.

    Some of the projects we have produced are:
    - Indoor & outdoor signage & banners
    - Lobby signage
    - Trade show displays & graphics
    - Event & promotional signage
    - HR promotional signage
    - Site & safety signage
    - Wayfinding
    - Logo photograph backdrops
    - Large posters & photos
    - Vehicle Graphics
    - Short-run marketing collateral

    Video Media


    • Banners: Vinyl, Vinyl Mesh, Scrim, Retractable Banners, Perforated Window Banners
    • Tradeshow & Events: Retractable Banners, Booths, Displays, Directional Signage,Table Skirts, Logo Photo Backdrop...
    • Retail & Showrooms: Wall,Window or Floor Graphics, Banners, POP Displays, Backlit Graphics, Shelf Tags
    • Corporate/Organizational: Lobby art & Signage, Wall, Window, Floor Graphics, Wayfinding, Displays, Event Signage...
    • Construction: Banners, Site & Safety Signage, Wayfinding, Window & Wall Graphics Vehicle Graphics, Reprographics ....


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