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    Stay competitive while saving time and money with Colonial Life. From setting up voluntary benefits to enrolling and educating employees, all the way through to claims, we make life more affordable and easier to manage — for everyone!

    Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company offers critical support to America’s workers and their families when the unexpected happens. We are a market leader in benefits education and delivery, innovative enrollment technology and customer experience. Colonial Life provides disability, life, accident, critical illness, cancer, dental and vision benefits that protect millions of customers and their families.

    Voluntary benefits (sometimes called supplemental insurance or employee-paid benefits) are offered by the employer through the workplace where employees can choose to buy them in addition to any core benefits they may already get. They can be 100% employee-paid, so they don't have to impact the employer's budget. They can be packaged with the employer's core benefits offering to:

    1. Provide a more competitive benefits package
    2. Help fill gaps in existing benefit coverages
    3. Realize tax savings for the business and employees
    4. Enable employees to tailor the benefits package to help suit their needs.

    BROKERS: Partner with us to grow your business! We are committed to ensuring mutual success. From products to end-to-end enrollment, we’re committed to developing strong, long-term relationships that help you protect your client relationships and grow your business.


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