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    About Us

    As your local utility, ComEd is committed to providing service that delivers security and satisfaction. An energy delivery company with more than a century of experience, we depend on 5,600 employees whose diverse backgrounds mirror the communities we serve. In hiring from those communities, we invest in long-term partnerships and collective success.
    A priority at ComEd is finding new ways to improve our service to our customers. We pursue this goal through a variety of efforts that include:
    Programs to help you better manage your electric bills.
    Championing investments in technology that can lead to shorter, fewer outages and better information that can empower you to make smart choices about your energy usage.
    Demonstrating a spirit of community service
    Generous corporate giving.
    We Specialize In :
    an energy delivery company
    1. Programs for Better Managing Electric Bills
    2. Investing in Technology to Reduce Power Outages
    3. Demonstrating a Spirit of Community Service