• Culvers of Libertyville


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    About Us

    At Culver's, we put our heart and soul into the food we prepare for our guests. From Midwest-raised beef to dairy produced in Wisconsin, we use only the finest, most wholesome ingredients. Cooked to order and served with a smile, just like you would if it had come out of your kitchen.
    We Specialize In :
    a resturaunt featuring burgers, sandwiches, salads, and frozen custard
    1. Featuring the ButterBruger
    2. Midwest Raised Beef, Wisconsin Cheese
    3. Fresh Frozen Custard


    Garden Fresh And Delicious Salads
    Great Meals
    Butter Burger with Wisconsin Chese Curds
    Butter Burgers
    Add a Concrete Mier or other Frozen Custard Treat