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    Have you ever been stuck with what back splash tile goes with your countertops, or what color should you paint your living room? Maybe you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and you can’t decide on a cabinet color or a functional layout. I am here to help! I received my degree in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art in 2005. I love using my talent and the knowledge that I have gained over the last 20 years to help my clients feel comfortable in their homes. I believe that your home should tell people who you are. Do you love to travel? Then your home should show off all the things you have collected on your travels. I hear you saying I have two children, two dogs and I work full time? You can still have a home that reflects your family and is beautiful at the same time. Let’s create a plan to get you the style that you desire within the parameters of your family life. It is possible with a plan and a process. I am here to help you create that plan and then hold your hand through the process of making that plan happen. I have spent my life creating beautiful spaces on a budget and broken down into different stages. If you have a vision with the end in mind you can reach your goals. Don’t put off that room update any longer. You work hard and should have a space to come home to that helps you recharge and relax so you can conquer the next day reenergized. Let me help you create: “Beautiful Design, Affordably!”

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    Masculine Office Redesign
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