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    About Us

    Lustig Jewelers family owned and operated in 1949. It been an honor serving the Chicago area for so many years. Most importantly it been fun for both our customers and long time staff being part of some of the most important experience one goes through in life.

    My father Ted and mother Eleanor and myself are so thankful and appreciative of all the trust and support our customers have bestowed upon us for nearly 70 years. When you first walk into our store you will experience a bright non intimidating environment with staff always will to assist you with a smile.

    Paired with our warm inviting experience finely made jewelry, many exclusive to Lustig Jewelers. I always look at the big picture and take care of our customer's needs through our in-house jewelry repair and customer design department. Speaking of our customer design department, just imagine experiencing the excitement of creating your dream piece of jewelry through our interactive CAD technology.

    For 50 year I have viewed and purchased loose diamonds. When I purchase a diamond, in my mind I am buying it for my wife. Know when you view our diamonds, each diamond has been carefully chosen by myself. My staff and I cannot wait for you view our exclusive 71 faceted decagonal designed ''Meteor Cut'' diamond. Be awed by the impressive light return these diamond exhibit. Pair these diamonds with bridal brands such as Carizza, Love Story, & Peter Storm and you will witness a WOW moment.

    Healthy and Happiness to All,

    Dan, Ted, and Eleanor Lustig