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    Quite simply, Manduu is the fastest, safest way to build muscle, and everyone – at every age — needs muscle. Manduu’s EMS technology is more effective at penetrating muscle fiber than the brain. When the brain sends a signal to a muscle, only about 65% of muscle fiber is activated. By contrast, the external EMS stimulus penetrates nearly 100% of muscle tissue. This produces a workout that is simultaneously ultra-low impact and incredibly effective, gentle yet intense. Manduu does more for you than you can do for yourself. Each workout session is led by a degreed exercise professional who has been specially trained in EMS technology. Trainers lead no more than two clients at a time through a series of stretching, flexing and contracting exercises designed to activate multiple muscle groups at once. Your trainer can take into account any injuries or areas of special concern. Nine major muscle groups are activated during a Manduu session, and your trainer has the ability to control each muscle group individually, creating a highly personalized, infinitely tailored exercise experience. Manduu trainers work with everyone from professional athletes to folks in their 90s. Manduu really is the last fitness program you’ll ever need.

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