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    M.A.S.S. can increase your sales and profits by creating a Marketing Plan using the E.P.I.C. formula. E.P.I.C. was developed, and enhanced over a 28 year career with a Fortune 100 Company and 18 years of experience with my own company. We also use the Market Audit, which is a great tool to verify all aspects of a complete A to Z Marketing Plan.

    M.A.S.S. works with all sizes of companies, developing an effective marketing plan using the E.P.I.C. process. The development costs are low, while the results are powerful. Please call or email to set up an appointment to review how well we can work together. Experience counts!
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    Marketing and Business Planning

    1. 40+ Years of Experience
    2. Effective Use of E.P.I.C. Formula
    3. Market Audit

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    40+ Years Experience
    Effective Use of EPIC Formula
    Market Audit
    Create A Marketing Plan
    We work with all size companies