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    Marvin Bembry is the President of MKB Leadership Transformation Development. A sought-after consultant, mentor and speaker who helps individuals and teams to develop the ability to communicate and collaborate at a world class level so they can grow their business results.

    His passion is for leading people to discover, maximize and lead with their strengths as well as those of fellow team members, while offering advanced strategies to achieve higher levels of performance.

    Marvin knows first-hand how strengths and leadership are keys to business effectiveness and growth. His skills were honed through over two decades of experience in Human Resources, Training and Organizational Development and Government Affairs for large global firms.

    Marvin has added value to others speaking on his powerful message of leadership strengths and has shepherded the development of leaders in multiple countries.

    With a trademark direct yet relatable style, Marvin shares in an engaging and high energy way, practical steps to help leaders to ensure the leadership legacy they leave behind is found in those they lead and serve.


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