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    About Us

    Physique MD is a weight loss and wellness center led by Dr. Leena Almarzouqi who is a board certified physician in Preventive, Occupational, and Environmental Medicine. At Physique MD, our vision is to help you attain a healthy physique. Specifically, a physique reflective of someone with a healthier weight and lower percentage of body fat. The most important effect this will have is to lower risk of preventable diseases including heart disease and many cancers. We believe every human strives to be their best in every aspect of life. A healthier physique will keep you functional, confident, and will reinforce a healthier lifestyle. Allow us to help you jumpstart the journey to physical wellness, which will lead to a healthier and happier you.
    The medical practice offers evidence-based and personalized physician directed medical weight loss plans that are highly effective. Every patient is personally assessed by the physician and undergoes a comprehensive health screening resulting in a targeted weight loss plan. Based on the assessment, patients are provided a nutritional plan and if needed, FDA-approved weight loss medications. Physique MD features a full in-house laboratory with customizable options for lab work at affordable prices. As a board certified Occupational Medicine physician with extensive experience in work-related injuries, the practice offers Independent Medical Examinations for patients and industry clients


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