• Mundelein Launches Hometown Heroes Banner Program

    RE: Mundelein Launches Hometown Heroes Banner Program

    Mundelein Launches a New Hometown Heroes Banner Initiative
    Mundelein, IL—5-16-2024—The Village of Mundelein is pleased to introduce a new initiative—the Hometown Heroes Veteran’s Banner Program—honoring Mundelein residents who served in the military by way of street banners. The banners will serve as a living tribute to honor past and present members of the Armed Forces and their family members. The banners will be displayed seasonally from Memorial Day through Veterans Day holidays.
    The first group of 20 Hometown Heroes will be displayed along Hawley Street and Seymour Avenue just in time for Memorial Day 2024.  These banners will be displayed until November 2024 and at that time a new group of Hometown Heroes will be honored in time for Veteran’s Day 2024.
    “Mundelein is pleased to honor our hometown heroes by way of street banners.  We’ve seen other communities honor their veterans in this manner and we loved the idea. It has been an honor and a privilege for Village employees to speak with our veterans’ families and hear their stories during the process of collecting the photos. We hope residents and visitors will pause and appreciate the sacrifices made by our hometown heroes,” said Steve Lentz, Mayor.
    The Mission of the Hometown Heroes Veteran’s Banner Program is to place banners throughout Mundelein to honor veterans, either living or deceased, who have served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces in any conflict.
    To qualify for the program, the following criteria must be met:

    • The honoree is a current or past member of the United States Armed Forces.
    • The honoree is a current or past resident within the Mundelein area. 
    • The honoree's discharge from military service must be honorable.
    The cost to sponsor a veteran for a banner is $100. Each banner will be displayed for SIX MONTHS after this time, the banner will be yours to keep. All funds cover the production of the banner. Mundelein will sponsor and waive the banner fee for any nomination that is submitted on behalf of local military personnel who were killed in action (KIA).
    Residents interested in applying for a banner for the Veterans Day 2024 installation can email info@mundelein.org or call the Mundelein Village Hall at 847-949-3200.