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    About Us

    About Us
    Neighbors love to read about their neighbors! Libertyville Living features a local family and makes them cover celebrities each month. We ask for the support of local business owners and services so we can share referrals and stay top of mind for the residents (single family homeowners exclusively!) who read our neighborhood magazine cover to cover. Limited opportunities are available for Expert Contributors and Business Profiles...and most importantly you'll let the community know you care about them as you'll be sharing your expertise and advice in your own words! We have an open rate of 89.4% because we are a community SOCIAL MEDIA IN PRINT...call me to learn more!

    How We Got Started
    Best Version Media started in 2007 with 6 publications and has grown with a proven model to over 950 publications and 33+ million copies. Neighbors love to see their neighbors featured on the cover and in turn we share that opportunity to be seen each month with our sponsor advertisers.

    Digital solutions available on Facebook and Google.


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